What to do if your Internet connection is running slow or not working?

In the event of area wide internet disruptions SnowCloud Services will post outage notification on Facebook, Twitter and via email. While we have invested significantly in battery back ups and redundancy, outages do occur that are out of our control. If you have not received a notice of an outage form SnowCloud Services via the platforms mentioned above, please try the following steps to restore service. A router is needed for our service. Connecting to the modem directly with a device will not allow the internet to flow. If you are installing a new wireless router, you will need to contact us at 907-789-0048 before the connection will work. We strongly recommend contacting our tech support prior to buying a new router to avoid any incompatibility or interference issues.

1. Power cycling the Wireless Router and the Radio/Modem:

The wireless router, typically the device with 2 or more antennae, can be power cycled by unplugging the power cable from the back of the device for around 10 seconds. The power cable is normally a small round black cable. On a select few routers the power is supplied via a POE  injector. An example of this can be found in the image below. To power cycle these models, simply unplug the cable that is going into the POE port on the power brick, wait about 10 seconds, and then plug the cable back in. Once this is completed it usually takes a few minutes for the router to power back up and regain functionality. When the router is ready you will automatically sign back in if you have chosen the ‘Automatically Sign In’ option on your devices when first connecting to your WIFI. Power cycling the Radio/Modem: The radio/modem can be found via the POE injector. The radio is usually installed on the outside of the house. Customers in MDU settings, or apartment buildings may have a separate modem plugged inline with the wireless router on the inside of the apartment. This is an example of what a POE injector  looks like:
This is what the POE looks like
POE is short for Power Over Ethernet. This connection allows us to use the same cable to power the antenna and transfer the  internet from the antenna to the wireless router inside. To power cycle the antenna/modem simply unplug the wall power to the POE injector for 10 seconds or until the light on the POE is out. Plug the power back in and allow 2 minutes for the modem to power up and re-establish connection to our service.

Check to Make sure there is a light on the POE injector..

Absence of a  light on the POE injector may indicate a failed unit that will need to be replaced. If there is no light, please contact Tech Support for further troubleshooting steps.

Are all the Cables Plugged in?

Sometimes cables can become loose or  unplugged. If cables are  found to be unplugged, please plug them back into their designated ports. The cable that goes outside to the dish needs to plug into the port labeled POE or Power. The port labled LAN on the POE injector should go to the WAN or internet port on the back of the wireless router. This is typically a different colored port than all the rest. If the LAN to WAN cable is not plugged in correctly, the internet will not work.

Cables are plugged in but the Light is Flashing.

A flashing POE light on the injector typically indicates some form of water damage or short to the POE or Modem outside. Please consult Tech Support to schedule a repair.

2. Check the Wi-Fi Name and Password

Check the network name (otherwise known as SSID) and password of the network connection. If you’re used to connecting automatically when in range of a router but are no longer able to, the router may have reset to factory defaults and will need to be configured again. If you need assistance doing this please call us at 907-789-0048.
Screenshot of how to check your wifi name and password
An example of what a Network name or SSID broadcast are.

3. Check your Billing

Your account may be delinquent. If you see a red circle with a line through the center with the words restricted on teh screen, please  log onto your Customer Portal or call us at (907)789-0048.